The MOST Sustainable Protein



At Air Protein, our mission is to feed the world’s growing population with the most sustainable protein made from elements found in the air we breathe. 



The same nutritional profile to animal protein, with a fraction of the footprint.



We looked at nature for inspiration. If plants can transform CO2 into nutrients over time, could we do this too?


“This futuristic meatless meat is produced from the air – and it rivals other food protein sources for its nutrition content.” —Forbes



Air Protein has been developed by Kiverdi - a team of passionate change makers dedicated to real-world solutions made possible by carbon transformation.

Dr. Lisa Dyson, CEO

Lisa is a mission-driven entrepreneur with a passion for creative problem solving around climate change. She has worked with executives of Fortune 100 companies at the Boston Consulting Group, where she helped them to develop high-impact strategies and execution plans to expand into new markets, facilitate post-merger integrations, define international governance models, and identify millions of dollars in operational cost inefficiencies. Lisa is, also, the CEO of Kiverdi and has conducted technical research at MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Princeton, Univ. of London, UCSF and the Lawrence Berkeley Labs.

Deborah Luster, Advisor

Deborah Luster has founded several consumer products companies and two publishing companies. She was an early investor and served as Chief Executive Officer of Annie’s Homegrown from 1991 to 1997, which sold to General Mills for $820M in 2014. She is widely known within the natural products industry as a venture capitalist, guide, and mentor to many of today's well known companies in the sector and has been a champion of the natural products movement for over 25 years.

Denise Devine, Advisor

Denise L. Devine serves as the Chief Executive Officer of FNB Holdings, LLC, a company dedicated to initiatives in the health and wellness space. Ms. Devine was also founder and served for more than ten years as the Chief Executive Officer of Nutripharm, Inc., a company that has generated a portfolio of composition and process patents to create innovative natural food, beverage, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products that facilitate nutrition and lifelong health. Ms. Devine received a Master of Business Administration degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, a Master of Science degree in Taxation from Villanova Law School, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Villanova University.